Our Latest Adventure- mom and son addition

After being in a funk all weekend I needed to get out of the house and just spend some good old fashioned quality time with my boys. The weather was finally being nice, the rain was making it cooler so after we dropped dad off at work we decided to head to Suwon and experience the fortress. I have been here once for a photoshoot and I remember thinking I wanted to take Westley back, so that's what I did. Suwon is only about an hour away from yoon gate ( give or take traffic). There are several public parking areas around the fortress with a ton of cafes and restaurants making it the perfect day trip for a family get away.

After parking, going potty, and changing butts we geared up in our rain gear and headed out. We took a right out of the parking area and started down the road, we walked around the little shops and cafes which ended up circling back to the Watergate, which is one of my favorite parts. We took our time and walked the wall to the cafe and archery range. After stopping for some water, we walked out of the shop with a magnet, sword, sucker and two waters. Im not really sure how that happened.. We then crossed the road to the other part of the fortress. We walked along the cobble stone path where an elderly gentleman asked if bug wanted to learn to fly a kite. We commented via google translation, he loves flying kites and was so excited to share this experience with Westley. It was so cool to watch, he was so sweet with bug even when Westley was letting the kite out farther and farther and farther.. We spent about 5 minutes flying the kite and then continued on our walk. By this time, Wade was getting hungry and tired so I new we had to wrap it up and start heading back to the car. We spent about 2 hours here enjoying every minute of the weather and our time together. We will be going back with Dawson to experience the archery and programs they have!

It turned into the best mommy and son day. We ended the day at McDonald's for chicken nuggets and fries.

Somethings you need to know: there is parking everywhere. The pin I will post below is to the parking lot we used. We were there for about two hours and only paid 2,500 won. There are several tolls we went through just beware.

The wall itself is huge and goes on forever. I would wear good walking shoes as sometimes the path is slick. It seems to be the busiest around golden hour when the sun is starting to set. They have a ton of tour groups and different experiences you can take part in so be sure to look them up to plan your day.

Naver pin: Naver Map]

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Bukporu Pavilion

경기도 수원시 팔달구 장안동 332