April 2023

Having a baby born abroad means having to go through extra steps to get his birth reported so we can apply for all his legal documents( passport, ss card and birth certificate, meaning a trip to the embassy in Seoul was needed. We decided to make it a family vacation, so at just 3 weeks postpartum we loaded up the car and headed to Seoul. Our first big city adventure. The first day we started our morning off at the embassy to turn all our paperwork in so we could get Wades documents. After we got all that down we walked over to Gyeongbokgung Palace to start our vacation. Built in 1935, it was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. We spent a few hours touring around and taking in just how large it actually was. Westley took several opportunities to sit and play with his cars. After the palace we had lunch at a small traditional Korean restaurant. The food was fantastic although we ordered entirely to much. We started off by having to take our shoes off, grabbing a seating pad and sitting down at the table. Traditional Korean dining means you sit on the floor and the table is low to the ground. Westley attempted using chopsticks, although he just started stabbing his food. After lunch we headed off to the zoo! I am not sure if we are just used to zoos in the states but to be honest, it wasn't one D and I were a huge fan of. All the attractions were scattered so far apart it made it really hard to enjoy. I felt like we did more hiking than anything else. After a long day, the boys were worn out so we headed back to the hotel for a nice dinner and get the kids to bed.

Day two- We woke up to a cloudy, chilly day which meant it was the perfect day to hit the aquarium and a shopping mall. Driving in Seoul was not one of Dawson's favorite things but after a ton of traffic, we finally made it to the mall and headed to the aquarium. Westley had a blast seeing all the different fish and sea animals they had! This aquarium was themed around the show Octonauts so it was really kid centered. Westley even got to have little fish eat all the dead skin off of his fingers, he just laughed. We did a little shopping, had sushi for lunch and ended the day eating pizza, watching a movie and cuddling with the boys in the hotel. It was truly a perfect little family get away. Big City life is not for us but it is fun to vacation in!