Christmas Shopping AK plaza

It is Christmas time and that means we are going on our very first adventure into the city of Pyeongtaek to go Christmas shopping! With so many areas to choose from we settled on AK plaza! In the heart of the city resting among the main train station is a mall full of shops to look around so we figured this would be the place to go! Boy were we wrong, from the traffic to the parking we had no idea what we were getting into! After what felt like hours we finally were able to find a parking spot and our Christmas shopping started. We started on the third floor and decided we would walk around each floor to check everything out. This mall in particular was very different than what we were used to. Instead of being a big area with multiple different stores, each floor was its own store! After walking around for a while we found a vest for Westley! I was so excited as I have been looking for one for him for ever.. well if you know me and math you know where this is going, because we were shopping off base we were paying with KRW ( won) and I did not convert the price correctly, so what I thought was a $50.00 vest turned into being a $150.00 vest.. oops.. I laugh about it now but if you know Dawson you know he was about to have a heart attack. After this purchase we quickly realized this mall is more high end and way out of our budget so we made our way to the car to start the next adventure of the day a market.

Markets in Korea are extremely common and they have them no matter the weather or day. At these markets you can find anything from grains, to clothing, to fresh seafood! They have venders selling freshly cooked/baked goods! Because it was my first market I was nervous about purchasing anything and just took in the experience. It was truly amazing! If you get the chance to I would encourage you to go to a market!

We ended the day at the px exchange on base getting the rest of our Christmas gifts!

Needless to say our Christmas shopping in the economy didn't go as planed but we still had a blast!

Lessons learned I should not be in charge of anything to do with converting.