Just Chillin

Life lately has been pretty laid back so this post is going to be pretty short! With monsoon season causing havoc on all our plans we have taken a step back from exploring and have been enjoying being close to home. Hitting kids cafes or walking around star field mall has been filling our days. Westley had his first little modeling gig in Seoul a few weeks ago and to say he had a blast was an understatement. I guess growing up in front of the camera has it perks. When we got home he was so excited to show daddy all his moves and asked mommy to take more photos of him. He has another shoot in September. With Brendyn's first game of the season this week, we decided to do a football themed shoot, my little guy is growing up so fast.

I started my course on paralegal studies and after I pass the bar exam for paralegals I will be a certified paralegal. On Tuesday, I will be starting my bachelors program for criminal justice. I am so excited to see what doors are opened for us in this new chapter.

What we are wearing:

Westley is full blown in 3ts and size 7 shoes. He has been loving his chucks we just got him

Wade man is fitting into 6m clothing pretty well and is wearing size 2 shoes. They are both growing like weeds.

As for me, Ive been living in biker shorts and comfy shirts.

We have plans to take a vacation to Seoul and go to Seoul tower. I am excited for that adventure, so hopefully things will perk up for us and these posts will become more exciting.