Wow it has been a long time sense I have last posted. It has been a crazy few months and holiday season from finding out we are expecting another baby boy in May to dealing with a ton of illnesses the boys can't seem to get rid of so here is the update.

We spent thanksgiving in Seoul at their family buffet to be honest, It wasn't the best food we have ever had but the family time was much needed. We explored Seoul Tower the next day and Westley got a huge cotton candy which he did not like.

Once December hit, we all started getting sick something is in the air because I feel like the entire base has been dealing with some sort of illnesses. In the last month we have dealt with a double ear infection for both boys, the stomach flu for Westley and I, round two of ear infections for Wade and tonsillitis for Westley. Thankfully we were able to knock the first round of sicknesses off before Christmas time and were able to enjoy much needed family time playing Mario Cart and Dinos.

Update on Us:

Wade is 9 months and is growing like a weed, weighing almost 20lbs wearing 12m clothing . He is such a happy little boy and loves his big brother.

Westley- is 3 and also growing like a weed. He is wearing mostly 4Ts and is currently obsessed with cars and dinos. He also loves his baby brother and is very excited to be big brother to baby Kai.

Baby Kai- we have hit the half way mark at 20 weeks and are finally starting to feel better. This pregnancy has been so much different than the last two. Short of being tired all the time, I have not been nearly as sick. Thank goodness.

Dawson: Has been busy at work working 12+ hours a day lately but still manages to come home and be the best daddy and husband. We are truly so lucky to have him. He has been nursing a shoulder injury for the last few months and we are waiting on answers for that.

Jadyn: Because being pregnant, raising two toddlers as well as running my photography business wasn't enough, I also decided to go back to school and have been working towards my bachelors in Criminal Justice through the University of Phoenix. I ended the year finishing my first four courses with a 4.0 Gpa and am set to graduate in early 2025.

With less than a year left of Dawsons military contract, we are soaking up all the things this life has brought us as well as excited to start the next chapter of our lives in the civilian world. We are excited to get back to our roots and settle down in a place to raise our kiddos.

Cheers to 2024