Life Lately

Dawson has officially been back to work for two weeks after having three months off. The boys and I have been adjusting well thank goodness! We spent the forth of July cuddled watching movies listening to the pouring rain. It is monsoon season which means sunny days are far and few between. We have been spending our mornings with the No Excuse Moms work out group! We are truly so blessed to have made such a wonderful group of friends! South Korea is officially on summer break which means the splash pads are open! We have a whole list and can't wait to explore each one. Wade has officially started teething and is not loving it, thank goodness for baby wearing. It is hard to believe we have been here for almost a year. We are planning on doing a lot more exploring! The boys and I ventured out to Mangisa Temple this week, it is beautiful. I can't get over the detail and art in each of these temples, they always leave me speechless. We ended the day at McDonalds for ice cream!