Mallipo Beach South Korea

Being a family of 4 means we officially needed to update our family photos. I was set on doing them at a beach where Westley ( bug) could run around and play in the sand for the very first time. After doing some research we found this dime located about two hours from Camp Humphreys. The whole way there, you could feel that we are getting closer to ocean, the trees were getting thicker and things were starting to spread out. The town is a really small town, making it feel like we were on a movie set. I am assuming it is because we went during a week day, but when we arrived there were only a few people surfing and the beach was empty, we had the whole thing to ourselves. I am excited to go back when it’s a little busier they had so many cute little surf shops, a surf school and cafes along the main road. I also saw a place where you could set up a tent for camping! I can only imagine how fun this place is when things are open!

We arrived around 3 so the tide was really low, allowing us to hunt for seashells which Westley has never done before, although he was more interested in chasing the birds. While he ran around I started the process of setting up my tripod and camera. I will be honest the lighting was not the best and I have never shot in this type of location before, but I was up for the challenge. We danced, laughed, ran, had a few fits along the way, but I am so happy with how our first family photos of 4 came out! I am so thankful Dawson was able to capture a few of me and the boys, he’s becoming a good little Camera man. As we were getting ready to leave, the tide slowly started coming in and we came across an alive starfish. The sand at this beach was so dang soft and the atmosphere was so relaxing! We will definitely be going back to spend the day!

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Mallipo Bathing Resort