Our Second Family

Military life comes with a bucket over flowing of hardships, things that take a lot of getting used to and if you don't create a good tribe it makes it so much harder. Moving to a new place so far away from family I will admit my nerves had been getting the best of me. But good news we lucked out! We have made some amazing friends here, each one of them bringing something special to our lives. From the mom and little boy Westley and I meet for playdates almost everyday, to the guys Dawson works with our lives have been filled with so much love and support. We were blessed to have them throw us a gender reveal party to having them all over for Thanksgiving. Having a house full of people during the holidays makes life just a little bit easier, we are so glad to have friends in our lives who not only treat Westley like their own, but are always there for us at drop of a hat.

So my advice for you; wether you are moving for the military or moving just in general put yourself out there, make friends because I promise it makes life so much better.