October 23,2022

A New Bundle

You know the saying it happens in threes? Well there is some truth to that, after receiving orders to Korea we made the decision to get rid of most of our belongings, only bringing what we absolutely needed knowing we will be headed back to Wyoming after our two years in Korea. So we sold it all well as that would happen we found out we were pregnant with baby number two a week before we flew out to Korea! Exciting but now we had to replace everything we just sold. So here is a friendly reminder don't get rid of anything baby wise until you know you are done having kids for sure ha!

Our plan, at first ,was just going to keep our pregnancy within the family, enjoy all the milestones without the world knowing, that was until Dawson took some adorable photos of bug and I that I just had to share.

If you know me, you know my love for flowers and plants, I can't help it I am just drawn to them, so when I found out there was a field of wild flowers only 30 minutes away it was mandatory we go. I have never seen anything like the flower field. They were every where so of course I handed my camera to D and asked him to take some photos, not knowing he would end up taking the best bump photos, we just had to share! Baby Holdren #2 Coming Spring 2023