My First Session Back from maternity leave

It's hard to believe this time last year we had just gotten orders to start our new adventure in Korea. I'll be honest when we first got the news I instantly started crying. Being told your going to have to move your entire life half way across the world literally is absolutely terrifying. My business has just taken off what was going to happen? How would we adjust? Would we even get to go with Dawson? All things that I had questioned. But here we are, a year later thriving in one of the beautiful places we've ever been.

One of the very first outings we took as a family in South Korea was to this special place called Sopung Jeongwon Garden. When you first arrive the first thing you see if a huge flower bed filled with the prettiest flowers in the world, the garden just gets better from there. If you know me, you know I instantly fell in love with this place. So when Teddi reached out about me doing her maternity photos and chose this place for her session location I was absolutely thrilled. I first met this lovely mama as one of her clients, she does lash extensions and I LOVE getting my lashes done. It is so fun being able to return the favor and capture this special moment for her. Our evening was filled with a lot of laughs, smiles and pure love as shown on their faces. I am so extremely blessed to know Teddi and Andre. They are going to make the worlds best parents. 

This was the perfect session to pick my camera back up for!