May 10, 2023

Good air quality days are a dime a dozen when it comes to living in South Korea. The past couple days have been a roller coaster when it came to the air, so when it's good we tend to jump on taking the boys outside. Finally after a long day of god testing us.. you try keeping a 2 year old inside for three days... the air finally hit below 100. ( if you know you know) . So at 4pm Dawson and I threw the boys in the car and headed to a place I've been dying to go too.. Tando Port in Ansan. Only being an hour away from base it was a drive I was fine with taking. This place is seriously gem hidden away. When we first arrived the the tide was completely out. We were able to walk down the path, collect seashells and just take in the breath taking sea air. By the time we left the tide was back up and the sun was setting. This Wyoming girl was a kid in a candy shop being able to watch the tide come back in. It's amazing how fast it all happens! (core memory locked in). We ended the night sitting and watching the sunset all cuddle up on the steps. 

I highly highly recommend checking this place out!!!