September 9, 2022

The First Outing

For are first outing we didn't want to go to hard, meaning we didn't want to go anywhere we would need to use a translator app. After being stuck inside for two weeks due to us all having covid, we opted for something outside. After dong some research Dawson found this place...

Sopung Jeongwon Botanic Garden quickly became one of our favorite places. Filled with a splash pad and park Westley fit right in, but what pulled D and I in was the islands. This magical place is filled with several different islands all accessible by bridges. Covered in greenery and plants each island has a special theme, that can really make you feel like you are walking through a Disney fairy land. There is a walking path that covers each island and completes you in a full circle. From the swings where you can sit and watch the ducks or the giant trees that turn the most beautiful shade of yellow during the fall there really isn't a reason you should not visit this place. Westley and I spend a lot of time here during the week ( as long a the air will allow us too). As for a first outing this was the best we could've done! The best part is, this place is stroller friendly! We take bikes and a picnic a lot to enjoy the days!