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Filled with Laughs, cake, lots of dinosaurs and a very busy day. We are blessed to be able to celebrate another year of Westley. Creating experiences for our boys is something near and dear to our heart. So for Westley's birthday we headed into the city to explore. We started off the morning in awe of all the balloons and decorations, opening gifts, eating cake for breakfast and then headed out. The first stop Dino Bay. Filled with moving and interactive dinosaurs, digging up Dino bones, and painting on cars Westley was living his best life. The Dino bay isn't very big and only took us about thirty minutes to walk through. Luckily in the same building is a sports kids cafe. We spent the next two hours there, going down slides on tubes, boxing, riding cars, and climbing through the jungle gym. I didn't get the name of the cafe, but we had an absolute blast and will be going back! We ended the day at chili's in Osan where Westley got his fries. ( if you know you know).

Westley is growing into such a respectful little gentlemen, he is an amazing big brother and Dawson and I could not be more proud to be his parents.

Naver pin to dino place and kids cafe

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