Our first PCS Korea Here we Come

In August of 2022 Dawson, Westley and I said our goodbyes, and started one of the biggest journeys we will ever take.. We were headed to Korea for the last two years of Dawson's contract. Scared, excited, sad and overwhelmed were just some of the many feelings we were feeling. As it would happen our journey started off eventful. Getting stuck in Seattle Washington and missing the patriot express flight was not something we intended to happen. Fortunately we had some friends stationed not too far that came to our rescue...thank goodness. After being stuck in Washington for almost a week, we finally got our new flights booked and our real journey started. We boarded our flight, officially in the air to Korea. After what felt like a week long flight, we landed in Incheon, South Korea. With luggage in hand we got a taxi and were headed to Camp Humphreys, home for the next two years.

Pcsing in general is hard, exhausting and often times nothing goes as planed. From housing not being available upon arrival to issues with your belongings, but pcsing OCONUS is terrifying especially if its your first PCS ever, as was our case, so some words of advice;

You don't need all the luggage you are given when flying. So many suitcases makes doing anything such a hassle, Id recommend a backpack for each person with a few outfits. Most hotels and lodging have washing machines.

Don't make the mistake we made bringing so much! Our first shipment of our belongings arrived quick!

Plan to not have a plan- I'm serious it is less stressful, be okay with going with the flow.

Traveling with a toddler seems scary but I promise you its not by best advice is bring all the things! We got bug his own little backpack he was able to carry through the airport himself. Inside we packed things like busy books, coloring books, cars, play dough, snacks and his tablet. Amazon has some amazing toddler traveling activities that make life so much easier.

Take it one day at a time. Military life is crazy, scary and unpredictable but it is also so fun. Enjoy the chaos, go with the flow, make those memories, and trust that everything will work out.