Life the last few Weeks

What's been happening- we are really adjusting well to the family of 4. D and I have made some really great friends that have made our time here so much more enjoyable. We miss our family and friends like crazy and can't wait to be home but we aren't hating it here, which is a great adjustment from our previous place. I have been really into all things baking and homemade everything. The commissary prices are just getting crazy and they never have stuff in stock... what they do it goes bad way to fast or scans really super duper unhealthy... interesting fact do you know how much veggie oil is in coffee creamer?... yuck. so we have started making our own bread, pasta sauces, crackers, coffee creamer and even butter. It's definitely been a learn and progress but it's been so much fun. I have a year to convince Dawson to let us get chickens so we have fresh eggs. I have started my sourdough journey and leave I will leave it at that.. sourdough is hard to make but the discard brownies are heavenly. We have about a month left of ds leave and will be headed up to Seoul to grab Wades passport here soon. We went hiking today and it remained us of back home in the bighorns we can't wait to get back to camping with everyone. I can't wait for the boys to get to play with their cousins again. For now we are just soaking up all this time together.